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Day One
I arrive at Tokyo International Airport and am about to start exploring my last city on my trip around the world. I check into my hotel, which is called the Remm Hibiya. This hotel is a four star and $165 CAD a night. It has a restaurant, breakfast available and laundry service. After I check into my hotel I go to the Meiji Shrine. This shrine is dedicated to the spirits of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. There is a largely forested area around the shine. I enter the shrine and go on a 10 minute walk on a trail through the trees. Meiji Shrine is one of Japan's most popular shrines. On the first day's of New Years 3 million people come to the shrine to worship, weddings are also had here. After going to the temple I return to my hotel for lunch to see what their restaurant is like.
Meiji Shrine

After lunch I go to Sensoji. Sensoji is a Buddhist temple and one of Japan's most colourful and popular temples. The temple is Tokyo's oldest temple, it was built in 645. From the outer gate to the second temple gate there are many little shops were people can buy traditional Japan's things and snacks. After walking around the temple I go have dinner. For dinner I go to a sushi bar and try the many different types of sushi that is available. After dinner I go to the Tokyo Imperial Palace. The Tokyo Imperial Palace is located on the former site of Edo Castle. The palace is surrounded by a large park area, moats and stone walls, in the heart of Tokyo. This is where Japan's imperial family lives. Building of the Imperial Palace was completed in 1888, it was destroyed in World War Two but then was built again the same way as the older version. I look at the Nijubashi, which are two bridges that form the entrance of the inner Palace grounds. The inner grounds are not open to the public, except for New Year Greeting and the Emperor's birthday, so I have to look at the palace form out side there. The East gardens are open though, so I walk through them. After walking through the Gardens I return to my hotel and go to bed.
Tokyo Imperial Palace

Day Two
I wake up and have breakfast in my hotel, then I go to the Tokyo Sky Tree. The Tokyo Sky Tree is a new television broad casting tower and a famous landmark of Tokyo. It is the tallest building in Japan. At the base of the tower there is a shopping centre and an aquarium. I go to the two observation decks in the tower to look out at the view of Tokyo, they are the highest observation decks in Japan. There is also a gift shop and a Musashi Skyline, which serves French and Japanese food. This is where I have lunch. After lunch I go to Tokyo Disneyland and I compare what it's like compared to the ones in California and Hong Kong. I spend the whole day here and then I go back to my hotel and go to bed.
Tokyo Disneyland

Day Three
I wake up and have breakfast in my hotel again. I then go and pack my things and take the airport shuttle to Tokyo International Airport, because, sadly, my dream trip around the world is over. I fly with Etihad Airways back to Toronto Pearson International Airport. The flight cost $1119 CAD and has one stop in Abu Dhabi. I'm sad that the trip is over but i'll always have the memories I made at all the places I went to for the rest of my life, and who knows, maybe I do this again so day. Till next time!

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Hong Kong


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Day One
I arrive in Hong Kong at Hong Kong International Airport. The hotel I check into is called Guangdong Hotel Shanghai. This hotel is a four star hotel and is $86 CAD a night to stay here. This hotel has a restaurant and bar/lounge, breakfast available, spa tub, fitness centre, massage/treatment rooms, air port shuttle and a 24 hour front desk. After checking into my hotel I go to my first and only place for today, Hong Kong Disney Land.
I get a one day pass which is $80 CAD. I want to compare the Disney Land in Hong Kong to the one in California. For lunch and dinner I go to character meals, where the characters from Disney movies walk around while you eat. Some of the attractions I go on are, the Jungle River Cruise, Tarzan's Tree house, Cinderella Carousel, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway MIne Cars, Garden of Wonders, UFO Zone, Barrel of Fun and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. After my amazing day at Hong Kong Disney Land I return to my hotel and go to bed.
Hong Kong Disney Land

Day Two
I wake up and go to Wagyu for breakfast, where I get an omelet. After breakfast I go to Victoria Peak. Victoia Peak is a mountain and at the top of it I can see a beautiful view of the city. I got to the peak by taking the Peak Tram, which is a 120 year old still working train. After I look out at the view for a while and take picture I return to my hotel. I return to my hotel for lunch so that I can see what their restaurant is like. After lunch I go to Lantau Island. This island is the largest one in Hong Kong and it has Buddhist architecture, a long sandy beach and an outlet mall. I go swimming in the beach and then I go shopping at the outlet mall to find souvenirs to remind me of my trip here. After swimming and exploring Lantau Island's outlet malls I go have dinner.
Lantau Island

I go to Macau Tsui Yuen Café, which specializes in Portuguese food. I get grilled meat on a pork chop pun and iced coffee. After dinner I go to Ngong Ping 360. Ngong Ping lets me explore Lantau Island, which I liked so much, some more. I go on a 25 minute cable car ride, which lets me see a birds eye view of the island. Then I go to the Ngong Ping Village, where I can do some more shopping and find somewhere to get dessert after I had dinner. I go see the Big Buddha, which is a 5 minute walk from Ngong Ping Village and I watch the sunset. Then I return to my hotel and go to sleep.
Ngong Ping 360

Day Three
I wake up and have breakfast in my hotel. Then after breakfast I go to my last place in Hong Kong, Man Mo Temple. The temple is a tribute to God of Literature and the God of War. This temple was built in 1847 and is the largest Man Mo temple in Hong Kong. After visiting the temple and taking pictures I go to Hong Kong International Airport to catch my flight to Tokyo, which is also the last city I'm visiting on my dream trip around the world. I fly with Hong Kong Express to Tokyo International Airport. The flight costs $303 CAD, and is a 4 hour non-stop flight.
Man Mo Temple

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New Delhi


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Day One
I arrive in New Delhi and am about to start the Asian half of my dream trip around the world. I took an Air India flight from Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Rome, to Indira Gandhi International Airport. The flight was $570 CAD and was 7 hours long. The hotel I stay in is the The Hans Hotel New Delhi, it's a four stay hotel that is in the centre of New Delhi and is $75 CAD a night. This hotel has 2 restaurants, airport shuttle, 24 hour front desk, air conditioning, computer station and laundry services.
Hans Hotel New Delhi

The first place I go to is the Qutab Minar. The Qutab Minar is 73 metres high and was built in 1193. It is said to be the finest monument in India and the world. I go to have lunch next. I go to Dum Pukht, at this restaurant they cook meat, herbs and spices in a pot over a low burning flame. After lunch I go to Humayun's tomb. This tomb was built in 1565 A.D. and it is the first substantial example of Mughal architecture in India. There are many graves of Mughal rulers in the wall of the tomb, some dating back to 1857 A.D. After going to the tomb I go have dinner at Karim's. This restaurant has been opened since 1913 and is a very popular restaurant in New Delhi for locals and tourist. I get mutton burra kebabs. After dinner I go to The Red Fort. The Red Fort's walls are made of red sand stone and is a reminder of the Mughal emperors. The walls were built in 1638 to keep out invaders. The Lahore Gate is a symbolic focal point and large crowds gather around it on India's Independence Day. There is an evening light show at 6PM, so I stay to watch it and then leave and go back to my hotel to sleep.
The Red Fort

Day Two
I wake up and go to Amour for breakfast. I get some pastries and then after breakfast I go to Akshardham. This is a temple; It shows the beauty of ancient Indian architecture. It took 5 years to build this temple. While at the temple I go to the Hall of Values, which shows film of enduring human values. Then I go to the Giant Screen Film, which lets me discover more about India through an 11 year yogi. I go on the Cultural Boat Ride, which sails though 10 000 of Indians history. I see the Musical Fountain, which shows the cycle of birth, life and death. I also go to the Garden of India and look and walk around the garden. When I'm done at the Akshardham, I go back to my hotel to have lunch.

After lunch I go to the Lotus Temple. This temple is made sharp of a lotus flower, and is the last of seven Major Bahai's temples built around the world. It was completed in 1986 and made of white marble. I return to my hotel for dinner to see what the second restaurant is like compared to the first one. After dinner I go to the Lodi Gardens. The Lodi Gardens are also know as the old Lady Willington Park. There are monuments, tomb mosques and bridges. After walking around the Gardens I return to my hotel and go to sleep.
Lodi Gardens

Day Three
I wake up a bit late today because I have a later flight than usual and for brunch I go to The Olive Bar and Kitchen, where I get an oven baked pizza. After breakfast I go to Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. This is a Sikh place of worship. It was built in 1664 and then rebuilt in 1783. I look at the pond in front of the temple and take pictures of the temple it's self. After looking at the temple I go to Indira Gandhi International Airport to catch my flight to Hong Kong. I'm flying to Hong Kong International Airport with Air India. The flight cost $393 and is 6 hours long.
Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

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Day One
I arrive at Leonardo da Vinci Airport at 3:30pm. The hotel I check into is Hotel Locarno. This hotel is a 4 star and $111 CAD a night. It has a restaurant and bar/lounge, rooftop terrace, which overlooks Rome's city centre, airport shuttle and a garden. For my first day in Rome I decide to go visit the Colosseum. The colosseum is a symbol of Rome and one of the most impressive monuments in the world. I walk around the Colosseum and take a lot of pictures. I take a tour and they tell us all about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and much more about the Colosseum. I go for lunch next, I go to Flavio al Valavevodetto. I get carbonara, which is penne with egg yolk, pecorino romano cheese and black pepper, and I have tiramisu for dessert.
Hotel Locarno

After lunch I go to Pantheon. The Pantheon is a Roman monument that was built more than 1800 years ago, and is a reminder of the Roman Empire. I look at the amazing architecture and especially the oculus, which is the only source of light. I also look at the monumental tombs in the walls. I want to get more information about the Pantheon so I so an audio tour. The Pantheon is in the heart of Rome and it is still used for mass to this day. After looking at and walking around the Pantheon I return to my hotel and have dinner at the restaurant that it has. After eating dinner I go to the Roman Forum. People began meeting in this Forum in 500 BC and it was originally a marsh before the Roman's drained it. Like most of the places I go to, I listen an audio tour while here to learn more about the ruins around me. After I feel that I have walked around enough I go back to my hotel and go to bed.

Day Two
I wake up and have breakfast at Dagnino. I order a cappuccino and a cannoli. After breakfast I go to Piazza Navona. The Piazza Navona is an open space with many restaurants, gelato bars and music and artistic performances. Piazza Novona was built in the same place as a stadium was built in, in 86 BC and remains of it can still be seen as I walk around. I walk around for a while and look at everything that is there and then go to Armando al Pantheon for lunch. I order spaghetti aglio e olio. After lunch I go to the Trevi Fountain. This fountain is the most famous fountain in Rome and is in the heat of the city. It took 3 centuries to finish this fountain. It is said that if you throw a coin in the fountain that you will return to Rome, so that is what I do.
Trevi Fountain

There are streets all around the fountain with different shops and restaurants, so I decide to walk down them and look at everything that is there before going to Mordi e Vai for dinner, where I buy a meatball sandwich. After dinner I go to St. Peter's Basilica. This church is one of the holiest sites in Christendom. I take pictures and then go inside, there is a dress code, so I had to make sure to be in the right clothes before I went. When I get in I go on a guided tour to learn about what I'm seeing, so that what I'm seeing actually means something. I go see the Vatican Grottos, which has many tombs of pope's in it. Then I climb up to the dome to see what the view is like from there, which is not disappointing. After walking around the Church I return to my hotel and go to bed.
Inside the St. Peter's Basilica

Day Three
I wake up and have breakfast at Caffè della Pace. People have been coming here since 1891. I order a croissant and then eat outside. After breakfast I go the Vatican Museums. The Museums have more than two dozen collections. There are many works of art and you can also find the Sistine Chapel, which is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. I look at the Renaissance art on the walls and Michelangelo's work on the ceiling. There is an app for guiding you around the museums, so I get it so that I won't be confused at what I'm looking at, at any point in time that I'm here. I also want to see the Vatican Gardens though, so I take a tour with an official Vatican Guard for that. After going around the museums I return to Leonardo da Vinci International Airport for my flight to New Delhi so that I can begin my trip to Asia!
Inside the Vatican Museums

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Day One

I arrive at Heathrow Airport at 12:00PM. The hotel I'm staying in while in London is the Mercure London Bridge Hotel. This hotel is $196 CAD a night and is a 4 star hotel. It's in walking distance of some of London's most popular tourist attractions, such as Shakespeare's Globe Theater, St. Paul's Cathedral and Borough Market. This hotel has unlimited free Wi-Fi, 24 hour front desk, laundry service and breakfast is available.
Mercure London Bridge Hotel

After I check into my hotel I decide to go look for somewhere to have lunch, because I'm pretty hungry after my 3 hour flight. I decide to go to New London Café. I decide to order a spicy chicken wrap with fries. After lunch it's time to explore London. I decide that I want to go and look at all the museums in London today. The first museum I go to is National Gallery. The National Gallery has over 2000 works of western European art spanning from the middle ages to the 20th century. Like most of the major museums in London, it is free to get in. I spend a 2 hours at this museum and then I go to the British Museum. This museum was founded in 1753 and it's also free to get in to. This museum has a collection of things spanning over 2 million years of human history. Some objects they have are the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon sculptures, and Egyptian mummies. I spend 3 hours at this museum so when I'm done looking at everything it has I decide to go find somewhere to eat for dinner. I go to a restaurant called The Five Fields. The cuisine at this restaurant is British. After dinner I continue looking at museums, the next museum I go to is the Natural History Museum. This museum is one of London's most beautiful landmarks and some of its most popular exhibits are the dinosaur gallery and the mammals display, which has a life sized blue whale. The last museum I'm going to today is the Tate Modern. This museum is the former Bankside Power Station, it's along the River Thames and it holds modern and contemporary art. I visit these museums the whole day and after that I go back to my hotel and go to sleep.

Tate Modern

Day Two
I wake up and for breakfast I go to Balthazar, I get scrambled eggs for breakfast. The first place I'm going to today is the London Eye. The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel in the centre of London that gives me a great and beautiful view of the city from one place. The ride around the wheel takes 30 minutes and inside each capsule you can listen to an interactive guide. Some of the landmarks that you can see while on the ride are Big Ben, River Thames and the Houses of Parliament. The London Eye is the world's tallest cantilevered observation wheel.

The London Eye

After riding the London Eye I go to the Tower of London. At the Tower of London I can see the Crown Jewels that are still regularly used by the Queen. I will also go see the oldest part of the tower, which is called the White Tower. I will explore the four floors of the tower and the Norman architecture and Royal Armouries Collections. The London Tower is one of the most famous castles in the world and is an iconic symbol of London and Britain. While at the tower I decide to take a tour so that I can learn more about what's in the tower and it's history.

Tower of London

After exploring the London Tower I move on and to go see Buckingham Palace. Buckingham Palace is the official London residence of the Queen. I go on a tour and on it I get to see things like the state rooms, the grand staircase, some fine art and I listen to a free audio tour that is introduced by Prince Charles. After the audio tour I go outside to look at the gardens. After walking through the gardens I go to the Garden Café for lunch, here I get tea and some pastries.
Buckingham Palace

The next thing I go see is Big Ben. Big Ben is a clock tower and one of London's most famous landmarks. Big Ben is actually the name of the bell inside the tower, which has rarely ever stopped, even after a bomb hit the Commons chamber in World War Two. After looking at Big Ben I move on to go see the Tower Bridge. The Tower Bridge has been over the River Thames since 1894 and it is one of London's most recognizable and visited landmarks. There is a Tower Bridge Exhibition and here I get to learn the history of the bridge and how it was built, there is also a Glass Floor walkway that lets me see what's under the bridge.
Big Ben

The next place I go to is St. Paul's Cathedral. I take a guided tour while I'm here so that while I'm exploring the building I'm also learning about it. We go down to crypt and look at tombs and memorials, which are of some of Britain's great heroes such as Admiral Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington. I climb up the Golden Gallery and enjoy a view of London. It's now 6:30PM so I decide to go find something for dinner. I go to Olde London Fish & Chips, which has been a family run restaurant since 1994, and obviously, I get Fish & Chips for dinner. After dinner I decide to go a few more places before going back to my hotel to sleep. The first place I go to is Westminster Abbey. Westminster Abbey is one of the world's great churches, and it's 700 years old. The church is in the heart of London. I take a guided tour while here, and we see the Shrine, the Royal Tombs and the Poets' Corner.
Westminster Abbey

After visiting the church I go to Trafalgar Square. Trafalgar Square has the Nelson's Column in it, as well as other monuments. This square is in the heart of London and is one of the cities most vibrate and open spaces. I sit by one of the fountains and think about everything I've gone to see today and go through all the pictures on my camera before returning to my hotel to go to bed.

Day Three
I wake up and have breakfast in my hotel, I have some time to do things today before I have to go to the airport to leave for Rome. I go Kensington Palace first. The palace is the official residents of Princess Kate and Prince William, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It was built in 1605 and one of London's most beautiful palaces, it was also the childhood home of Queen Victoria. After looking at the Palace I go to Hyde Park. This park is one of the largest parks in England. After walking around the park and looking at the trees and lake I go to the airport. I go to London Heathrow airport and take a British Airlines flight to Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Rome. The flight is $192 and 2 hours long.

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