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Day One

My 3 hour flight from Nuuk is over and I'm in Iceland getting ready to start my stay in Europe. I arrive in Reykjavik at 9:00AM. The hotel I'm staying in while here in Iceland is the CenterHotel Skjaldbreid, this hotel is a 4 star hotel that is right in the heart of Reyjavik, it cost $226 CAD a night to stay here. There is a restaurant and bar/lounge as well as an airport shuttle, front desk safe and a computer station, which is were I'm typing this right now.
CenterHotel Skjaldbreid

The first thing I'mgoing to do while in Reykjavik is take a walking tour. The tour is 2 hours and it goes around the centre of Reykjavik. The tour is also complete free but donations are welcomed at the end of the tour, which is run by local university graduates. Next I am going to visit Hallgrimskirkja Church. This church was completed in 1986 and is the largest church in Iceland, it is one of the city's best known landmarks and can be seen from anywhere in the city. While here I take a elevator to the top of Hallgrimskirkja where you can see a beautiful view of downtown.
Hallgrimskirkja Church

Next I go to a hot dog stand called Baejarins bestu, which means "The Towns Best", for lunch. The stand is near the habour and it is said to sell the best hotdogs in Iceland. The line is long but it was worth it, the hot dog really is one of the best I've ever had. Next, since I am at the harbor I decide to go whale and bird watching tour. The most common whales to see are minke whales, humpbacks, porpoises and dolphins. During the tour we visit some of the islands off of Reykjavik shore. Many birds live on these islands, such as gannets, gulls, cormorants, the artic tern and puffins. I've always wanted to see puffins because I thought they were really cute and I go to see them today and they really were as adorable as I thought they would be. I return back to the main city and decide to go shopping before finding somewhere to eat for dinner. I go shopping on the main streets of Laugavegur, Austurstraeti, Laekjargata and Skolavordustigur. It is said that these streets are the best place for shopping in Iceland. After shopping I go look for somewhere to eat for dinner, I go to Grillmarkadurinn, which is The Grillmarket, in English. This restaurant opened in the summer of 2011 but it is considered one of the best restaurants in Reykjavik. The décor in this restaurant is made up of natural things such as lava, fishscales and wood. The kitchen is open, so I can see the chef as he cooks the meals. People have recommended to have the taster menu while here, so that you get to have a little bit of everything, the also recommend the burgers, which are different from most burgers I've had before. They have Minke whale, reindeer and lobster burgers. Another cool thing about this restaurant is that they serve their food on a flat stone to keep with the nature theme that this restaurant has.
Hamburgers on a flat stone

After dinner I go to the National Museum of Iceland. There are many exhibits and the main one has over 2000 artifacts found in various spots around the country. There is also a exhibit about the Vikings settlement in Iceland. The exhibit in the museum that people like the most though is the Valþjófsstaður door, which has medieval engravings in it show scenes from 12th century knight's tale Le Chevalier au Lion. I stay at the museum for 3 hours and it's dark when I get out so I decide to go back to my hotel to go to sleep, there are many more interesting things to see tomorrow in Reykjavik.
National Museum of Iceland

Day Two

I wake up and go to have breakfast at Pallett Kaffikompani. Here I get a coffee and a blueberry muffin. After breakfast I go on a tour around the Golden Circle. At 9:00AM a Mercedes-Benz minibus comes to pick up me and a few other people to bring us to the Golden Circle. During the drive the driver comments on the landscapes and history of the island as we drive through it, also during the drive we stop to see the Iceland horses that were brought over from Norway when the Vikings settled in Iceland. We go to see the Geysir, which is also known as The Great Geysir and is the first geyser written about and known to modern Europeans, the water inside of it is 100 degrees Celsius and very blue. After we see the geyser we go see a water fall called the Gullfoss, this is said to be Iceland's most popular tourist attraction. You can climb to the top of the waterfall or stay at the bottom.
Gullfoss Waterfall

We return to the main city at 5:00PM and after looking at the geyser and climbing the waterfall I'm really hungry so I go find somewhere to eat for dinner. I go to Fiskmarkadurinn, which means The Fish Market. The restaurant is located in one of the oldest buildings in central Reykjavik. Like at the restaurant I went to for dinner, this restaurant has a raw bar so I can see the chef while they cook. After lunch I go see Reykjavik City Hall, which is in the centre of the city and is home to the mayor and other executive officials. The building was build in 1992 and is also used as a gallery that has new exhibits all the time, the most popular exhibit is one that has a big map of Iceland for people to look at. Next I go for a walk along the path around the Atlantic ocean and look at the Solfar Sun Voyager. This is a steel sculpture which is supposed to resembles a Viking ship, but is actually a dream boat and ode to the sun, from the sculpture you can see Mount Esja which makes a great picture. After my walk I go back to my hotel and to sleep and pack because tomorrow I'm leaving for London, England.

Day Three

I wake up at 7:00AM to get ready for my flight that leaves at 9:00AM. For breakfast I go to Sandholt Bakery. It is one of the oldest bakeries in Reykjavik and is family owned, it's been opened since 1920. Sandholt is a bakery/chocolatier/ice cream shop. I get a pastry called snúður when I'm here, which is a rolled up bun with chocolate or toffee on top of it. After breakfast I go to Reykjavik Airport, from here I leave for Heathrow Airport in London, England. The weather in Nuuk and Reykjavik are very similar, as both of their weather is colder then I'm used to in the summer, but now I'm going to London, which will have weather that I'm more used to in the summer.

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North America

12 °C
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Day One

I arrive in Nuuk, Greenland and I check into my hotel. I am staying at the Hans Egede Hotel. This hotel is a 4 star and the largest hotel in Nuuk and is on the main street. To stay at this hotel for 2 nights it will cost me $570 CAD. There is a lunch restaurant in the hotel so I have lunch here and then I get ready to go explore Nuuk.
Hans Egede Hotel

Nuuk is the capital of Greenland and also its largest city. The first place I'm going to is the Art Museum of Nuuk. The museum was built in 2005 in the old Adventist Church of Nuuk. In the museum there are many private art collections, handicrafts and paintings hanging on the walls. There are also rooms filled with figurines and art tools.
Art Museum of Nuuk

Since I had a late lunch I decide to skip dinner and go to another museum before I go back to my hotel to go to bed. The next museum I go to is called the Greenland National Museum. The museum is located in old colonial buildings at the old colonial harbour and was established in 1966. The exhibits cover all of Greenland's history during 4500 years, there are famous mummies and costumes as well as the world's oldest and almost completely intact skin boat. There is also a large collection of Inuit transportation including full-scale skin boats and dog sledges as well as art, photo collections, and traditional clothing.
Greenland National Museum

After I go the museums it's pretty late so I go to my hotel to sleep and get ready for the next day.

Day Two

I wake up and go to the Café in the reception of my hotel for breakfast. After breakfast I decide to go look at some landmarks. The first one I go to is the Nuuk Cathedral. It is a Lutheran cathedral and was established in 1849. The church is a red building made of wood that is a prominent site in Nuuk, during national holidays large crowds usually gather around the church to celebrate. Inside there is a paneled interior with two brass candelabras which were a gift from the Church of Norway. There is also a bronze bust of Jonathon Peterson.
Nuuk Cathedral

The next thing I decide to do is explore Qoornoq. Qoornoq is an abandoned fishing island. It is very beautiful here, there are snow-capped mountains and the water is beautiful. There isn't really anything specific to see here, it is just a place to relax and look around. There is a small church, but it is attended by mostly cottage guests. I decide to skip rocks and think about hoe my trip has been so far, I stay at the island until lunch time, and then I go back to the main city of Nuuk and look for somewhere to have lunch.

For lunch I go to Café Esmeralda, while here I get a salad and a smoothie, and for dessert I get ice cream. After a satisfying lunch I decide to go for a hike in the mountains. My hike is a couple of hours and during it i pass Nuuk landmarks such as Sermitsiaq and Lille Malene, which are two mountains. After the hike I return to my hotel and go to one of the two dinner restaurants that are there. After dinner I go to the Katuaq Cultural Centre. This cultural centre was built in 1997 and is used for many things such as concerts, exhibitions, conferences and a cinema. While here I watch a movie and then after it I return to my hotel to sleep before my early flight tomorrow morning to Iceland.
Katuaq Cultural Centre

Nuuk is a very different city than the other two I have been to, during the summer in Greenland there is the midnight sun, so even at midnight the sun is up, it was very cool experience it still being bright at midnight. The weather in Nuuk was also very different from Montreal and Gander, in those cities the weather was in the 20s, but here in Nuuk the weather was around 12 degrees. I'm going to bed now, and in the morning I'm off to Iceland!

Day Three

I wake up at 6:00AM and I pack up all my things and get ready to go to the airport. I get breakfast from the lobby and then go to Nuuk Airport. I'm flying with Air Iceland to Reykjavik, which is the capital of Iceland and the cost of the flight is $753 CAD. Well, i have to go now, my time in Nuuk and North America is done and I'm moving on to Europe!

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North America

19 °C
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Day One

My long flight from Montreal to Gander with a layover in Toronto is finally over and I am exhausted but happy to finally be back on the ground for a while. I check into my hotel, the Albatross Hotel, in the morning. The Albatross Hotel is a 3 star hotel and is $124 CAD a night. This hotel is very close to many of the attractions in Gander and that is why I decided to stay here.
Albatross Hotel

The first thing I do after I check into my hotel and take a nap is go find somewhere to eat for lunch. I decide to go to Rosie's Restaurant and Bakery. This bakery has home cooked food and when here I get a cheeseburger. The first place I visit in Gander is the North Atlantic Aviation Museum. I have been told that this museum is a must see if you go to Gander. Admission is $5.00 and here I learn about North Atlantic aviation from the 1930s to present and how it relates to Gander, most of the exhibits in this museum are from World War Two and the early jet age. They have WW2 aircraft engines, a restored WW2 bi-plane, a WWII Lockheed Hudson MkIIIA mid-range bomber, which is said to be one of only 8 left in the world, and is the only one in North America, a 1950’s CF101 Voodoo jet, a 1930’s Beech 18-S, and a 1940’s Canso PBY-5A waterbomber. Also, a big intrests at this museum is tail section of a DC-3 (1930s model), which is above the main entry. At the back of the building is the cockpit for the DC-3 and from here I get to see a beautiful view of Gander Lake.
North Atlantic Aviation Museum Main Entry

I spent quite a long time at the museum, it's starting to get late so I decide to go to Cobb's Pond Rotary Park to watch the sunset. The park is very beautiful, with many different birds, trees, a pond and other animals. The sunset was very pretty and I am planning on returning tomorrow to go canoeing. Now I return to my hotel to sleep and prepare for the tomorrow, which will be filled with many things to do and see.
Sunset at Cobb's Pond Rotary Park

Day Two

I wake up at 7:00am so I can do as many things as possible today. I have breakfast in my hotel and then I'm off on my way back to Cobb's Pond Rotary Park to go canoeing. After I go canoeing and take a hike through the park to see how it looks during the day compared to the night, I go to the Silent Witness Memorial. The memorial commemorates the worst air disaster ever on Canadian soil. A plane crash on December 11, 1985 and killed 24 passengers and 8 crew members. I go here because I really like history, so I go to memorials and museums in the cities I visit to learn that cities history and the events that happened there. The memorial is really nice, there are plaques that describe the accident and 3 flags behind the statue, a Canadian flag, an American flag, and the flag of Newfoundland. The clear sky and the mountains around the memorial make everything really beautiful.
Silent Witness Memorial

The memorial is really beautiful and I liked it a lot, but I have to move on if I want to be able to see and so everything I want to do while here. Next I go to Thomas Howe Demonstration Forest. This forest is a good place to go to learn about the forest and forest management techniques in Newfoundland and Labrador. While here I'll walk down the P.G. Tipping Trail, this trail teaches people about the forest management techniques in Newfoundland and it also has the remains of a B-17G plane from World War Two. I go on another trail while here, the Albert Martin Trail. This trail is the longest in the forest and it also concentrates on forest management techniques in Newfoundland. I go on the last trail, the Frank R. Hayward, it is the shortest trail in the forest and it teaches people about the ecology of forests and different tree species.
One of the trails at the Demonstration Forest

After all my walking I'm really hungry so I decide to go find somewhere to go for lunch. I go to Lilly's Landing Family Restaurant. For the rest of the afternoon I am going to go whale watching on Notre Dame Bay, which is also known as "the Caribbean of the north".
One of the whales I saw while whale watching

I return to land in the evening and I go to the Arts and Culture Centre to watch a comedy show to end the night. After the show I go have dinner, I go to Bistro On Roe. This restaurant serves freshly prepared food like seafood and chicken. After dinner I go back to my hotel to rest and pack up for my flight tomorrow to Nuuk, Greenland.

Day Three
I wake up early to get ready for my flight to Nuuk, Greenland. I enjoyed my time in Gander and am excited to go to my last city in North America soon. I go to Tim Hortons for breakfast and then I'm off to the airport. I'm flying with Air Canada again and the average flight cost is $900 CAD. I will be leaving from Gander International Airport (YQZ) and will land at Nuuk Airport (GOH). Gander was a very beautiful town and I hope that Nuuk will be the same.

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North America

26 °C
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Day 1

Today is July 1st and the start of my dream trip around the world! The first place I'm going to is Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I'm writing this blog just as I'm about to board my flight. The airport I'm flying out of is Toronto Pearson International Airport, I am flying with Air Canada, the flight from Mississauga to Montreal will be 1 hour and it'll cost me $163 CAD. I have to board my plane now, I will continue to blog when I get to my hotel room in Montreal.

My flight has landed and I'm sitting in my hotel room in Montreal. The Hotel I'm staying at is Le Nouvel Hotel and it is right in downtown Montreal.
Le Nouvel Hotel

I arrived in Montreal at 5:00pm, so for tonight I am going to enjoy some of Montreal's night life. Since today is Canada Day there is fireworks going off tonight, they start at 10:15pm and last for 9 minutes.
Canada Day Fireworks

After the fireworks, I go to the Montreal Jazz Festival to finish off my first night in Montreal. The Montreal Jazz Festival is the largest jazz festival in the world, it has 800 concerts at 15 indoor and 10 outdoor venues and most of the shows are free to attend. Since tonight is a nice night I decide to go to an outdoor concert, which is open until midnight. When the concert is over to tonight I go back to my hotel to rest and prepare for my full day in Montreal tomorrow.

Day 2

Good morning! Today is my first and only full day in Montreal and I have so many exciting things planned to do. For breakfast I go to Maison Christian Faure Patisserie, here I have some coffee, a croissant and fresh fruit. The first place I'm going to today is the Notre-Dame Basilica.
The Notre-Dame Basilica

The admission fees to get into the Basilica is $5 and I get to go on a 20 minute guided tour of the church, to learn about the history and how it was built. After the guided tour I also get to explore the Basilica by myself. Next I go to Mount Royal Park, here I can climb the hill to get a good look at the city at the Mount Royal lookout. The walk through the park gives me the chance to see all the beautiful trees, flowers and birds.
View from Mount Royal Lookout

I will then go to Beaver Lake Pavilion, which is a man made lake on Mount Royal. There is a playground, restaurant, restrooms and place to rent outdoor equipment here. This is were I will have lunch. The type of food at this restaurant is Italian and French, and their speciality food is mixed grill.
Beaver Lake Pavilion Restaurant

In the afternoon I am going to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. This is the largest museum in Montreal and is home to many works of art. I spend most of the afternoon at the museum and when I leave it's 6:00pm, so I go look for a restaurant to eat in. I go to Le Club Chasse et Peche, it is a very cozy and popular restaurant in Montreal, the food was amazing as well. To end the night I am going to Sir Winston Churchill Pub Complex until 10:00pm when I will then go back to my hotel to sleep and prepare for my next half day in Montreal and flight to my next city in North America.

Day 3

Today is my final day in Montreal, at 4:00pm I will leave from Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport for Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador. I will be flying with WestJet and the flight will cost $301. This morning I have breakfast in my hotel and to finish off my trip in Montreal I go to the Montreal Biodome. Here I walk through the Biodome and see replicas of four ecosystems found in the Americas, I also get to see penguins and watch them get fed. biodome.jpg
Montreal Biodame


Before leaving for the airport I go to a bakery for lunch, the bakery is called Patisserie Kouign Amann, here I will get some pastries to eat while I'm at the airport.

Well Montreal was a lot of fun! I got to see and do many things like hikes, tours and trying different food. My next stop is Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador and I am looking forward to all the cool things I will be able to do there and hope it will be just as fun as my stay in Montreal!

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Travel and Tourism 2015


Hi! My name is Juliana and I am from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. I am in grade 11 and I took a class called Travel and Tourism. For the culminating task for this class, I have to blog about my dream trip around the world. My trip will start in Mississauga and I will go to three cities in three different continent. The continents and cities that I will be going to are:

North America

  • Canada-Montreal
  • Canada-Gander
  • Greenland-Nuuk


  • Iceland-Reykjavik,
  • United Kingdom-London
  • Italy-Rome


  • India-New Delhi
  • China-Hong Kong
  • Japan-Tokyo

I hope you enjoy reading about my dream trip around the world!

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